An impressing performance of the famous novel of “Oliver Twist“ by Charles Dickenswas performed  at the vocational training college “BSZ Metalltechnik” in Dresden on the 17th of March in 2011. After the last ones of the 200 invited students had arrived, the play started.

The play only featured 4 actors, who acted 12 different characters. We were amazed how easy it was to separate the characters, because at the first sight it seemed very confusing that women  played male and female parts as well, for example the main character “Oliver Twist” was acted by a woman. The 4 actors are members of the British theatre group “White Horse Theatre” who are called Victoria Blunt, Jane Crawshaw, Sam Griffiths and Hamish Stansfeld.

Although everything was spoken in English, we didn’t have any problems to understand the content and to follow the play. At the end of the performance we had the chance to ask them some questions, which they answered very frankly. They told us that they met each other first in September last year and now they are together for a year to travel and act in the whole of Germany.

All in all it was a great experience that showed us that the English language and culture are a very pleasant combination. We hope that they will return next year to Dresden to see them again.

German version - Oliver Twist – ein Theaterstück